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At least 2 wounded in shooting at Australia nightclub

  • Sun, 14 Apr 2019 12:16
Sun, 2019-04-14 00:44

MELBOURNE, Australia: A shooting outside a Melbourne nightclub in Australia early Sunday left at least two people critically wounded, police said.
Police are investigating and appealing for anyone with video footage or information to come forward. They believe several people were shot outside the two-story Love Machine club early Sunday but have made no arrests so far.
Four people have been taken to a hospital but two are said to be critical.
The Seven Network TV station said that a security guard at the club had no idea a shooting had happened and there was no panic inside the venue, which was still open.
Gun violence is rare in Australia, which strengthened its gun laws following the murders of 35 people by a lone gunman in 1996 in Tasmania. In New Zealand, an Australian white supremacist has been charged with murder over the March 15 mosque attacks that left 50 dead, leading that nation to ban a range of semi-automatic weapons.

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